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Garden Route Wedding Oppie Plaas Venue – Shaun & Melany


When I started out as a photographer, especially when it came to capturing weddings, I wanted to plan ahead.  Scout for locations and know what I wanted to do on the big day.  I am so glad I quickly dropped that idea!  If I planned ahead for this wedding, I would have totally freaked out.  Do not get me wrong, I do plan when it comes to my gear, I want to be prepared for what ever comes my way.  I had to work in pouring rain, I loved every minute of it!

Shaun and Melany planned this day down to the very last detail, they did an awesome job and can be super proud of what they achieved!  Everyone involved did their very best to make this wedding unforgettable: Vanessa from Bester’s Bridal for the gorgeous wedding dress, Stefmari Gericke from Bofberg Flowers, Amigo’s Mens Fashion for Shaun’s suit, stationary by Nicky from 3@1 and Dienkie van der Berg for the hair and make-up assisted by Wilna Allpass, Jacques Avendt as DJ . Last but surely not the least, thank you to Dean and Carla Barnard of Oppie Plaas Venue for the superb service!  If not for Dean our main photo session would not have been such a huge success, he went the extra mile to make sure that this couple’s wedding was unforgettable.

Shaun and Melany’s ceremony touched my heart!  Shaun was overwhelmed when his beautiful bride came walking down the isle.  The message delivered was overwhelming, we as witnesses at a wedding have a huge responsibility not to be taken lightly!

I am looking forward to see how your future unfolds.  I know that you will weather any storm heading your way, for you have Jesus in control.