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Bygracealone Wedding Garden Route – Andrew & Maudee


I was not booked to capture just a wedding, I was booked to capture a Wedding Festival!  Andrew and Maudee had a true festival starting days before the actual wedding.  The family gathered for a relaxed lunch at the venue on the  Friday before the wedding.  This gave Andrew and Maudee the chance to enjoy the decor with their family and close friends.  This was a typical regal wedding, with even the guests in full formal attire.  The decor was rich in colour and the floral arrangements was unique with the artful integration with vegetables. Bygracealone was the perfect venue for this wedding festival!  Well done to each and everyone involved in planning this unique event!  Thank you to my fellow photographer and dear friend Anina for her role as second shooter, capturing the ceremony from a different angle and covering the pre drinks, job well done!

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Mossel Bay Family Portraits – Whelan Family

Family Portraits

The beautiful young Whelan family!  The cutest little girl, with the most beautiful eyes, I wish I could take her home with me.  Looking at you as a young family, I can see a promising feature for you all, may you be blessed and all your dreams come true!  Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself with me.

It is raining at Theo and Cherie's wedding, a guest is holding an umbrella.

Garden Route Wedding Great Brak Bygracealone – Theo & Cherie


A whirlwind wedding, is the best way to describe Theo and Cherie’s wedding at Bygracealone venue in Great Brak Garden Route.  Cherie was birds packed with energy and I had to think on my feet to keep track of her, there was never a dull moment.  Try as hard as I might there was no getting these two to pose for a few traditional wedding portraits.  I enjoyed this energetic bride and wish you all the happiness.  May God restore all that you have lost.

Little flower girl staring at the ocean.

Garden Route Wedding De Vette Mossel – Ignus & Genie


Ignus and Genie are from Gauteng and phoned me two days before their wedding, their photographer from Johannesburg could not make it to their wedding at De Vette Mossel in the Garden Route.  It was a fun filled day with a not at all traditional couple.