garden route wedding brenton haven - janni & ilse wedding portraits-93

Garden Route Brenton Haven Hotel Wedding – Jannie & Ilse


Jannie & Ilse are high school sweethearts who’s paths grew apart after high school, but found each other again in America.  This wedding was a celebration of lost love renewed.  Family and friends, both local and abroad attended this day and the emphasis was on celebration.  The decor was stunning thanks to the hard work of Laetitia van der der Merwe.  Under the guidance of Kyle, the personal of Butterfly Blu Restaurant at Brenton Haven Hotel ensured that everything looked perfect and the food was exquisite.  Tigger Reunert was responsible for creating the perfect mood with his music, the images are proof of his success as musician for this wedding celebration.  Once again it was an awesome pleasure to work with Karin Chan, she always goes the extra mile to ensure her clients look their best!  Last but not least I want to thank a dear friend, Jaco Janse.  Jannie is Jaco’s best friend and I am honoured that Jaco suggested me as their wedding photographer.  I did the main session with Jaco, looking forward to the images he captured.